Find Out The Different Types Of iPhone In The Market


If all this time you only know about hardcase and softcase, this time we will explain some other type of iPhone case. But before that, you can visit our website to get iphone 4 cases for girls.

- Flip cover
The flip cover is a type of iPhone casing that covers the back as well as the front so it can also act as a screen protector. The front is made of leather or foamed fabric, while the back is made of plastic fiber. If you want to use this type of casing, you should remove the back casing or back cover from your iPhone and replace it with the back of the flip cover. The type is also varied, there is all the front of the closed, there is also equipped with a view window on the front of the case so it allows you to see the clock and also see incoming phone calls, without having to open the front.

- Folio case
Similar to the flip cover, in addition to protecting the back, this type of iPhone casing this one can also function as a screen protector. The difference is, to use this case, you do not need to release back your iPhone casing. The folio case is also universal and can be used for several types of iPhone, as long as the size and dimensions are the same, and also equipped with more space that you can use to store other objects such as business cards and money. This type of iPhone casing is usually made of leather or synthetic leather is soft, so it can withstand a collision.

- Pouch case
This type of iPhone casing is also often called the iPhone sarong. Yup, pouch case is actually more functioning as a place of storage iPhone during not used, for example when being stored in the bag. This Pouch case protects your iPhone from scratches of other objects in the bag. Usually, this casing is created of foam coated with synthetic leather on the outside.

- Waterproof case
Do you like swimming, diving, or doing other water activities? Surely want to still exist dong images though in the water? Well, you can use a waterproof case that can hold water about and go into your iPhone. Usually, this waterproof casing is made of an elastic polycarbonate material so you can still operate your iPhone as usual even when underwater. In addition, this material also has anti UV and is able to withstand glare.