This Trivial Error Turns out to Make iPhone Fast Damaged


It's no secret that the gadget's ability will go down over time. All gadgets will experience it, including upscale gadgets like Apple's iPhone. The most commonly decreased part is the battery. The battery is a vital device because it supplies power to all parts of the gadget. If the battery is leaked, damage can spread to other gadgets. In order for your iPhone to last, you can use iPhone case. Visit our website to get iPhone 4 cases for girls. In addition, follow the following ways to maintain the durability of your iPhone.

- Do not let your gadget be exposed to hot or cold temperatures

Your gadget will feel a little different when you're in a place with hot or cold temperatures. Just so you know, the temperature is too hot or cold is the enemy of all electronic objects. Normal temperature for your gadget to work smoothly in the range 32 - 80 degrees Celsius.

- Do not let your iPhone enter the "deep discharge" condition

iPhone is left to die too long will enter the condition of "deep discharge". The condition of "deep discharge" is a condition in which the battery can not accommodate electricity according to initial capacity. You will feel a loss because the life of the iPhone when the full battery will be shorter than the original condition.

- Don't leave the auto-update function always on

Auto-update makes your iPhone always connected to the internet so waste battery. Although software updates are important, battery life is much more important. Turn off the auto-update feature and update the software manually.

- Do not sing fake charger heads

Each gadget manufacturer has compiled its product with its own specifications. We better use the original devices and accessories that are tailored to the needs of the iPhone. Using different accessories and charger devices will be at risk of damaging the battery. It could even blow up.