Types of Cases that Suited for Your iPhone!

The development of various kinds of iPhone at this time is also because the more emergence the iPhone accessories, such as the casing. The casing also has a lot of benefits, can be used as an iPhone protection from dust and scratches. It can also be used as a supporting display mobile phone. The type is also very diverse. If you are looking for iphone 4 cases for girls, you can visit our website.

There are many types of casings sold in the market. At this time we will discuss hardcase and softcase.

- Hardcase
Hardcase is a hard casing type and is usually made of hard materials such as aluminum and plastic fiber. With a hard texture and a slightly glossy appearance, this type of iPhone casing this one will make your phone will look more sturdy and elegant. In addition, the hard case is also able to protect your iPhone from impact and also make the iPhone does not heat quickly because of its heat absorbing properties. But the weakness, this type of case will crack and break when hit by a hard contact like fall to the floor.

- Softcase
If your iPhone requires more protection, softcase could be the most appropriate choice. This mobile phone casing is classified as the type of casing that most in demand today, maybe you are also one of its users? Because it is made of soft material such as silicone, rubber, and foam coated with fabric or leather, softcase has excellent ability to withstand collisions by dampening the impact. In addition, the material is also very comfortable touched and not slippery, so you will be more comfortable when using the iPhone. Unfortunately, this softcase model tends to get dirty easily and is not able to drain the heat properly because it retains heat and does not drain the heat out.